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[VIDEO] While Eating Ice Cream, Biden Says “The Economy is Strong as Hell”… WTH?

Joe Biden has always been a liar. Throughout his entire career, rumors of lies and plagiarism have haunted him. He’s also never been the “smart guy.” Joe was always the clown, the goof, and the butt of the joke… so you can imagine the incredible insecurities that this fostered. This is why Joe was such a braggart, and couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the shady things he did. Who can forget when he was bragging about what a “powerful/tough guy” he was regarding the former prosecutor in Ukraine… the guy he got fired?

Joe has always said and done really stupid, bonehead things because of his insecurities and the fact that he was never as smart as the guy sitting next to him… and this has actually gotten even worse as he’s gotten older, thanks to his raging case of dementia. And while Joe never had a great “filter,” he at least had some semblance of one. But nowadays, he has zero filters, and so the “stupid” is flowing like the Colorado rapids – full speed ahead.

And that brings us to today’s stupid Biden comment. And when I say the optics on this are horrific here, I am not exaggerating at all… I just don’t think this could get have gone any worse if he tried.

Let me set it up for you… here we have Joe Biden, once again eating an ice cream cone, something he and his staff thinks is “endearing,” when in actuality, it looks senile and sad. And while licking his ice cream like a clueless little kid, Biden starts yammering on about the economy, and he ends up saying this incredibly stupid line:

“The economy is strong as hell.”

I’m sorry, what the hell are you talking about, Sir?

Is he talking about Ukraine’s economy, because he sure as hell can’t be talking about the US economy, right?

Wrong… that’s precisely what he was talking about if you can believe that one.

Joe Biden thinks this crappy economy, where everyone is struggling and can’t pay for food or rent, and nobody can afford a house, is “strong as hell.”

This man is a complete and total useless waste of space.

You can watch the video below:

Everyone had a lot to say about this comment from the Bumbler in Chief:

“He’s a dumpster fire of lies. He makes me physically sick”
“He’s allegedly the U.S. president?? All he does is go out for ice cream. “
“What a clown”
“He even eats ice cream like he’s 150 years old”
“Reporters: “What flavour, sir?” Joe: “Vanilla, but smells like a little girl’s hair.” **Reporters swoon and fawn and forget to ask searching questions**”
“Thoroughly repulsive person.”
“Biden has never been accused of being an honest or intelligent man.”
“When all else fails, compare your failures to the failures of the rest of the world but under no circumstances take responsibility for your own!”
“We’re living in an absolute clown world.”
“He’s always been a liar.”
“All he needs is a little girl on his lap and he’s happy.”
“Maybe his personal/Ukrainian economy…not ours!”
“Yeah for him since the American people pay for everything.”
“It’s past grandpa’s nap time”
“Time to admit the failed leadership during Covid and fake outrage that made us shut everything down caused a situation that fucked over a large amount of humans worldwide. Time to re-analyze how we are governed altogether. They do not represent the will of the people.”
“Who says the Left can’t meme. Biden *is* a meme.”
“What color is the sky on his planet?”
“Does he have Crack in his ice cream?”
“He got the hell part right”
“We literally have Forrest Gump as our president”

It’s as if every single thing Joe Biden touches turns to complete and total sh*t. It’s actually quite amazing to see.

What do you think?

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