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Dr. Fauci Says Farewell with One Last Big Lie in His ‘Final Message’ at the White House

Dr. Fauci Says Farewell with One Last Big Lie in His ‘Final Message’ at the White House

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been accused of misleading the public on numerous occasions, including on mask efficacy, Covid vaccines stopping the spread, and on natural immunity.

But in his “final message” as the nation’s top Covid doctor, Fauci couldn’t resist one last big lie at the White House podium before leaving office.

“The real world BA.4/5 that has been circulating, and we know that that is really quite good,” he said. “So we have immunological data and you have now clinical efficacy data.”

“Everybody was asking the question, where’s the clinical efficacy data?” he continued. “Now, it has come out with the CDC MMWR this morning, so we know it’s safe. We know that it is effective.”

“So my message, and my final message may be the final message I give you from this podium, is that please, for your own safety for that of your family, get your updated Covid-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family, and your community. I urge you to visit to find a location where you can easily get an updated vaccine. And please do it as soon as possible.”



“And so it’s frankly, I think, unethical because it’s coercive and you’re forcing people to take something that puts them at risk with minimal benefit, not only to themselves, but even to the people around them, given what we now know about the vaccines,” he continued. “On top of that, we have, as Dr. Makary was just pointing out, very little data, especially regarding this bivalent booster shot. We have antibody production data. We don’t have data on anything related to mortality, long covid, serious infections or hospitalizations. And for children, we have actually zero data. They’re just referencing adult data. It’s with that lack of data, how are they making these decisions?”

As the CDC earlier pointed out, over 95% of Americans have some form of protection to Covid-19. The currently predominant BA.4 and BA.5 variants are far less deadly than earlier strains, and an estimated 97% of Americans have natural immunity from prior infection, according to CDC data. Dr. Fauci, recall, was once a big believer in “natural immunity” before the Covid pandemic came along.

Dr. Anthony Fauci earlier announced that he will retire by the end of the year. The timing of Fauci’s retirement in December prompted many of his critics and even his admirers to note that this would be only weeks before the GOP would be set to take over control of the House.

“I am announcing today that I will be stepping down from the positions of Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Chief of the NIAID Laboratory of Immunoregulation, as well as the position of Chief Medical Advisor to President Joe Biden,” Fauci said in his August announcement. “I will be leaving these positions in December of this year to pursue the next chapter of my career.



But it’s not just the House of Representatives that is interested in Fauci ‘clearing his schedule,” as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) made unmistakably clear.

There is a lot of misleading information in Dr. Fauci’s statement, but the most glaring lie is that the Covid shots do anything to stop the spread of the virus. They do not protect your family or your community. The only factor that a patient and doctor should consider when choosing whether or not to get the Covid shots or boosters is personal health risk, which varies tremendously based on factors such as age, comorbidities, obesity, and even Vitamin D levels.

Dr. Houman Hemmati, an MIT research scientist, recently underscored this point in an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle.”

“When the vaccines first came out, we were told repeatedly by the drug companies, by the White House, by so many others, that this will prevent you from getting infected and spreading it. We know that is no longer true. It was never true,” Dr. Hemmati said.

“But now, after so many months and years of experience, now we know that’s absolutely false,” he added. “So what is the purpose of forcing people who are perfectly healthy, who are in some of the lowest risk strata to take something which we know also could have side effects? Every medical decision is a risk/benefit ratio. And when you have minimal to zero benefit, but you have some risk, no matter how much that is, that risk benefit ratio may not work out.”

“Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic,” Dr. Paul said. “He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.”

Dr. Fauci might want to leave time while the getting is good. Because the nation’s top Covid doc is only continuing to dig a hole by making statements the public knows have already been debunked.



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