In Memoriam: Debra Long, 1953–2019

This story was shared by Debra’s husband, Phil, with some input from her daughter Britnee. Many in the Livermore wine family are still shocked to lose such a vibrant, amazing woman at such a young age. While there may be a war on cancer, it just doesn’t feel like we’re winning it. As Phil Long says, “We really do have to figure this out.”

Debra was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1953, to Naomi (deceased) and Hal Meek. She graduated from Will Rogers High School in 1971, and attended Bible school at the Victory Christian Center in Tulsa. Debra did missionary work in Sweden, in 1991, at the Word of Life church in Uppsala when her daughters were 11 and 16. They then moved to California, where Debra participated in establishing a new church with some friends, at first living in Diamond Bar and then in Orange, CA, with daughter Britnee.

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