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Shocking Video Resurfaces of Biden’s Garage Where Classified Docs Were Just Found

Shocking Video Resurfaces of Biden’s Garage Where Classified Docs Were Just Found

In an attempt to paint Joe Biden as “cool” during the 2020 election cycle, Biden’s campaign did a promo video of him driving his Corvette, but now this video is going to do some serious damage to Biden…


Biden’s recent classified documents scandal has been a major story this week and his first batch has even been found to link Hunter Biden, Ukraine and himself altogether.

However, the latest development in his second batch of classified documents which he had in his home garage shows not only that Joe Biden is in deep trouble but he may have also implicated himself in an old campaign video.

On Thursday morning, Joe Biden went off script when talking to Fox News’ Peter Doocy about the security of his garage by claiming that is where he keeps his “Corvette.”


“Classified material next to your Corvette! What were you thinking?” Doocy said to the President in response. To which Biden immediately defended himself saying, “My Corvette is in a locked garage, OK? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street.”


What Joe Biden didn’t realize is he may have just implicated himself in a previous campaign promo video that he made in his 2020 Presidential run.

The video from 2020 which has since resurfaced shows Joe Biden driving his Corvette around in what appears to be his residence. The video is incredibly cringe, and is an absolutely blatant attempt to market Joe Biden as youthful and “cool.”

In the very end of the video, Joe Biden appears to park his Corvette back into his garage which may be the same car and garage that he spoke about just this morning.

Not only does this mean that the documents may have been in the garage during that time but if they were that means an entire campaign team AND film crew were depicting classified documents or just feet away from them.


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