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This New Photo Has Everyone Thinking Trump’s Already Got His VP

This New Photo Has Everyone Thinking Trump’s Already Got His VP

Who is the one person the left is most scared of (besides Trump). Is it DeSantis? Marjorie Taylor Greene? Jim Jordan? Tucker Carlson? All great answers, and while yes, the left lives in fear of all those folks I mentioned, the one that scares them the most, and who they think has real potential to be “president” someday, is Kari Lake. Yes, even though they cheated her out of a win in Arizona (so far), Kari is still a powerhouse. She ticks off all the boxes: She’s Trumpy, she’s one of the most articulate people on the circuit, she’s a fighter, and most importantly, she’s an outsider. Mark my words, this woman will be president someday.

And that brings me to my next point. There was a photo recently taken that includes Trump, Bolsonaro, and Kari Lake, all sitting down at a table, eating together at Mar-a-Lago. As you know, Bolsonaro just got the “Trump 2020” treatment in Brasil. The globalists are hitting back, hard.

But the photo got people talking about what might be “really” going on… and the buzz around the web is that Trump has already found his Veep… and no, it’s not Bolsonaro (ha ha), it’s Kari.

Western Journal reported that Arizona Republican Kari Lake was spotted Thursday with former President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, stirring rumors about the possibility of her being chosen as Trump’s 2024 running mate.

Lake said she was in Florida looking into possible voter disenfranchisement in the Arizona gubernatorial race, which has been called for her opponent, Democrat Katie Hobbs. Lake has not yet conceded the race

On Monday, the Associated Press called the race and announced that Hobbs won. It was a close contest between Lake and Hobbs, with Lake taking 49.67 percent of the vote, while Hobbs took 50.33 percent, 270towin reported.

But with the voting machine issues that arose in Maricopa County on Election Day, Lake said she wants to look into legal issues behind voting, the AP reported.

On Nov. 8, about 20 to 30 percent of voting locations in Maricopa County — Arizona’s most populated county — ran into problems with the vote tabulating machines, the Arizona Republic reported.




Lake has been complaining about this issue and on Thursday, she tweeted a video claiming that voters in Arizona had been disenfranchised.

“Our election officials failed us miserably,” Lake said.

“Rest assured, I have assembled the best and brightest legal team, and we are exploring every avenue to correct the many wrongs that have been done this past week. I’m doing everything in my power to right these wrongs,” she added.

Lake then traveled to Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to see Trump, who endorsed her and has been a strong ally to her throughout the gubernatorial race, the Wall Street Journal reported.

In light of Trump’s announcement on Tuesday that he would be running for president again in 2024, Lake’s visit to Trump shifted some of the focus off of the Arizona gubernatorial fight, and some began to speculate about Trump and Lake teaming up in 2024.

When Lake entered a lunch at Mar-a-Lago which was being hosted by America First Policy Institute, she received a standing ovation, the Washington Post reported.

Though Lake said she is still fighting in Arizona, the buzz caused by seeing Trump and Lake together has many thinking her political future may go in a different direction.

I don’t know, I think this is very likely. Trump needs to keep people who are loyal around him, and Kari Lake appears to be just that. Loyal and very America First.

What do you think about this theory? Does it hold water for you? Or do you think Trump will choose someone else?

What do you think?

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